Canada Times

I have now been back from Canada for two days. It was a brilliant trip, and I got to visit another country, another continent and go and see another natural wonder of the world at Niagara Falls. I was amazed by how big everything is in Canada from the size of the buildings, both in the city and shops in the suburbs to the size of the food plates. I stayed with a family and was blown away by their kindness, and the kindness of all the people I met on the trip. I just wanted to share a few of the pictures I took.

On a trip across to the Toronto Islands, there was a fantastic opportunity to take some pictures of the skyline. The CN Tower definitely dominates, while all of the other skyscrapers come from the financial district. There was a really interesting mix between the older buildings of the city and the super modern, sleek office blocks.

We took a bus trip out to Niagara falls which included a wine tasting, including the Canadian Ice Wine, which is picked later in the season, and uses more grapes than a regular wine. We also got to see the U.S hydropower station (although only from the comfort of the bus, to my disliking) and the Canadian one which is situated right beside the horseshoe of Niagara Falls. We went down onto the river on the ‘Maid of the Mist’ boat and got very wet, and very close to the waterfall. It was definitely a beautiful sight, and I have now seen two of the natural wonders of the world (the other being Halong Bay in Vietnam).

In many ways Canada was similar to America, with many of the same attractions, similar food tastes, and the size in Canada are what I would imagine America to be like (although I have yet to visit there). However, I feel like I kind of have, having experienced so many American past times in the last week, from shopping at the Mall, to eating in an American Diner, having pancakes and bacon for breakfast and of course spending the night watching a Baseball game.

The first couple of times I saw the large lakes I did get a little confused about why I was suddenly at the sea. The things are huge. I was told that on a real clear day you can make out America on the other side but we did not have really clear days, and we may have been able to see more on our tour up the CN tour if we had not gone up into the clouds.

And finally a holiday would not be a holiday without a little trip to the zoo (third largest in the world).


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